Hot Mic Shows the Next Debate Moderator Playing Favorites — ‘Tips Off’ Hillary Clinton Campaign On Interview Questions In 2016

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Y’all, tomorrow night is the Presidential Debate, if you can even call it that. Between the Debate Commission’s decision to micromanage the candidates by muting the microphones and the overtly biased debate “moderator,” I honestly don’t even know what to prepare myself for.

NBC New White House correspondent Kristen Welker was selected to be the moderator for this debate. But she has obvious ties to the Democratic Party. Her family has given tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates Clinton and Obama. In 2012, Welker and her family joined the Obamas in the White House for a Christmas celebration. This cozy relationship with Democratic candidates is eerily reminiscent of Steve Scully, the disgraced potential moderator of the last cancelled debate, who had likewise had a lengthy personal relationship with a Democratic candidate. But Welker learned from Scully’s mistakes and locked down her twitter account last week to avoid any potential twitter gaffes.

But she’s pretty much already told us what kind of journalist she is. Video has recently resurfaced showing a hot mic incident where Welker is seen “tipping off” Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri about one of the questions she intended to pose to Clinton in an interview following a debate.

She’s shown us that she’s the type of moderator who gives her favorite candidate a little advantage when she thinks no one is watching. And if it did happen, I’m not so sure it would be the first time in this election debate cycle. Remember the vice-presidential debate where Susan Page says, “You know, that’s a good segue into our third topic—” and Harris nods and responds with, “That’s a great segue.”

Y’all, how did she know it was a great segue unless she knew the questions ahead of time?? Any chance she knew it would be a great segue because she knew what question was coming up next? It’s incredible that the debate commission can’t seem to find a moderator who isn’t obviously tied to the Democratic party. But I guess that’s pretty much consistent with the Mainstream Media, so I’m not entirely surprised.

Anyway, what do y’all think President Trump will do when they mute his microphone?

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