Desperation Mode: Former President Barack Obama Reportedly Set to Hit the ‘Physical Campaign Trail’ On Behalf Of the Biden-Harris Ticket

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Breitbart is reporting that Barack Obama is set to hit the physical campaign trail on behalf of the Harris-Biden ticket. This kind of makes you question the polls showing Biden running away with it in a landslide of epic proportions, doesn’t it?

Obama is expected to help Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) in their final push as Election Day swiftly approaches, delivering a speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, October 21. His scheduled appearance in the battleground state follows recent polls showing President Trump and Biden neck and neck in the Keystone State.

Pennsylvania is a key battleground state in Trump’s reelection strategy. The state will likely be very close, so voter fraud could potentially tip the state to Biden.

Given the revelations through the reporting of the New York Post of Biden’s corruption, Obama is likely more desperate than ever to get Biden in office in order to thwart investigations into his corrupt administration. Obama avoided supporting Joe for as long as possible and only endorsed him once he was forced to do so. Obama probably would have preferred another candidate to win, allowing the skeletons in his administration’s proverbial closet to rest in peace. Now, however, he is all in for Joe.

The former president has also been busy on Twitter where he desperately implored unmotivated and uninspired Biden voters to vote. He explained that the most important thing to ensure you vote was to “make a plan.” He then called on a white woman to whitesplain, step by step, how people can make sure they vote.

Why do Democrats treat their voters like they are stupid?

Thankfully, Trump voters are motivated because they love their candidate. There is nothing that would stop me from casting my vote for Trump. I would stand in line for 8 hours if needed. And, sorry to be cliché, but, yes, I would crawl over broken glass to vote for the man.

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