Ted Cruz Brilliantly Calls Out Democrats By Pointing To The Empty Chairs After Amy Coney Barrett Grillings

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Ted Cruz slammed Senate Democrats for their behavior towards Amy Coney Barrett.

“[W]e’ve seen that our Democratic colleagues have very few questions actually to raise about Judge Barrett’s qualifications.”

“Very little of the time we’ve spent in here has concerned her record as a judge, for 20 years as a respected scholar. Instead, much of this hearing has focused on political attacks directed at President Trump,” Cruz noted.

“I recognize our Democratic colleagues are not going to be voting for President Trump in November.”

“That’s certainly their prerogative, but they’ve largely abandoned even trying to make the case that Judge Barrett is anything other than exceptionally well qualified to serve as a justice.”

“It is striking that as we sit here right now in this committee room, there are only two Democratic senators in the room. If you look at the dais, there’s chair after chair after chair that is empty,” he said.

“The Democratic senators are no longer even attending. I assume they’ll show up for their time but it is indicative of what they’re tacitly admitting, which is that they don’t have substantive criticisms.”

This is the political equivalent to Lebron James walking off the court before the game was even over.

It’s amazing when the lack of Democratic presence serves as the evidence for their true intentions.

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I guess they ran out of ways to use Barrett as their punching bag of smears against President Trump.

From BPR:

During Tuesday’s hearing, for instance, Sen. Mazie Hirono chastised the judge for having used the term “sexual preference” versus “sexual orientation.”

“Not once but twice you use the term ‘sexual preference’ to describe those in the LGBTQ community,” the notoriously unhinged Democrat belly-ached.

“And let me make clear, ‘sexual preference’ is an offensive and outdated term. It is used by anti-LGBTQ activists to suggest that sexual orientation is a choice. It is not. Sexual orientation is a key part of a person’s identity.”