Watch the Moment Judge Amy Coney Barrett Is Asked What Notes She’s Using — Immediately Holds Up A Blank Notepad

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Today is day two of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings on her nomination to the Supreme Court. After yesterday’s grandstanding by Democrats, ACB actually gets to answer some questions.

If you ask me, she’s killing it.

The most iconic moment of the day (at least so far) came when Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas asked Barrett what notes she was using to answer the senators’ questions.

Barrett held up a blank notepad.

Cornyn followed up by asking if there was anything on the notepad, to which Barrett responded, “The letterhead that says ‘United States Senate.”

“That’s impressive,” Cornyn concluded.

Absolutely savagery by ACB – and proof that she is absolutely brilliant.

Barrett is on national television, answering questions from people who want her to fail, for hours on end – and she’s doing it with no assistance what so ever.

As Cornyn said, that is very impressive.

Of course, the memery has already begun, and a lot of it is sold gold.

Anyone watching these hearings who thinks Barrett isn’t eminently qualified for a seat on the Supreme Court is simply blinded by their political ideology.

What’s your favorite ACB notepad meme?

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