Postal Worker On Leave After Bags Of Undelivered Mail Found Outside Home Awaiting Trash Pickup In Pennsylvania

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Fox News reports that multiple bags of ndelivered mail were found awaiting trash pickup outside the home of a US Postal Service worker in Pennsylvania,.

“We expect to perform a piece count of the mail today, and make arrangements to have the mail delivered to customers as soon as feasible,” Scott Balfour, a special agent with the USPS OGI said.

“Once USPS OIG special agents conclude their investigation, the case will be presented for federal prosecution to the U.S. Attorney’s Office,” he said.

Oh my, Chris Wallace would be riveted if he found out there’s EVEN more evidence of fraud by mail.

I have so many questions… like, this worker just nonchalantly left the obvious evidence just chilling in the front yard?

I don’t condone the behavior, but people are really stupid when it comes to covering their tracks.

May as well have stuck a sign in front of the mail bags saying “THROWING AWAY ALL YOUR MAIL.”

From Fox News:

The discovery, which was made Sunday at the home in Baldwin, Pennsylvania, is under investigation by the US Postal Service Office of Inspector General, WPXI reported.

The unidentified employee has been placed on leave without pay.

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Scott Balfour, a special agent with the USPS OGI, told the outlet in a Tuesday statement that the bundles contained a variety of mail, including first-class and business deliveries.