Pelosi Suffers Meltdown For The Ages On CNN, Tells Wolf Blitzer That He’s Being An ‘Apologist’ For Republicans

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The Daily Caller reports Nancy Pelosi snapped at CNN’s Wolf Blitzer after he questioned whether she would pass a coronavirus stimulus package.

“I don’t know why you’re always an apologist and many of your colleagues are apologists for the Republican position … Ro Khanna, that’s nice. That isn’t what we’re going to do,” Pelosi said to Blitzer in response.

“Honest to God, I really can’t get over it. Because Andrew Yang, he’s lovely. Ro Khanna, he’s lovely. They’re not negotiating this situation.”

“With all due respect you really don’t know what you’re talking about,” Pelosi said in response to Blitzer.

Someone forgot to take their Xanax Tuesday morning.

All Pelosi could come back with was stating that Blitzer didn’t know what he was talking about and that the other Democrats Blitzer has spoken with about the stimulus weren’t the ones negotiating the situation.

Nance, honey, that’s why YOU’RE being directly addressed.

You’re the source, so answer the damn questions.

You can’t jump on the Biden bribery boat as you withhold information until after the election. SMH.

From The Daily Caller:

In the interview, Blitzer pressed Pelosi on why she would not accept the $1.8 trillion dollar deal the White House and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had proposed. She responded by saying it is still not enough money. Blitzer then went on to read a tweet from Democratic California Rep. Ro Khanna which urged Pelosi to take the deal from the White House.

Blitzer then said he’s also spoken with former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who said to take the deal. Pelosi responded by saying,