Joe Biden Desperately Dodges Question On Court-Packing, But Drops One Major Hint That He’s ‘Not A Fan’

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Joe Biden has been hard at work dodging the court packing question, but has now finally addressed his position on the issue. Kinda sorta. But not really.

His answer leaves himself LOTS of room to change his mind.

From Fox News:

“The court packing is going on now,” Biden told WKRC Local 12 in Cincinnati. “Never before, when the election has already begun and millions of votes already cast, has it ever been that a Supreme Court nominee was put forward, has never happened before. … I’ve already spoken on, I’m not a fan of court packing, but I don’t want to get off on that whole issue.”

“Not a fan” is a really squishy answer. Just because I’m not a fan of something doesn’t mean I won’t do it. It still may be the best course of action. For example, I’m “not a fan” of going to my yearly gynecological exam, but I do it!

I’m not sure how Joe went from being adamantly opposed to court packing in 1987 to now simply being “not a fan.”

Biden continued in his remarks, again trying to redefine the long-established meaning of words.

“I want to keep focused,” Biden continued to Local 12. “The president will love nothing better than to fight about whether or not I would in fact pack the court or not pack the court, etc. The focus is why is he doing what he’s doing now. Why now, with less than 24 days to go in the election, and the hearings going to take place are only going to be 10 days or whatever it is before the vote takes place?”

“That’s the court packing the public should be focused on,” Biden said, even though some Democrats have taken heat for playing fast and loose with the definition of court packing.

For the love of God, President Trump is not court packing. He is simply filling vacancies on existing judicial seats. President Trump is not suggesting adding seats to the Supreme Court so he can load it up with his ideological allies.

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