CNN Anchor Makes Stunning Admission, Says Amy Coney Barrett Would Be Confirmed By ’70 Votes’ In Different Political Era

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Trending Politics reports that CNN admitted Amy Coney Barrett is a great Supreme Court Justice pick.

“Let’s be honest,” started CNN anchor John King.

“If, number one, if we could roll back the clock and we were not so close to an election, and number two, if we could roll back even further and this were another Republican president in another age, I’ve been in Washington long enough, Judge Amy Coney Barrett would be getting 70 votes or more in the United States Senate because of her qualifications.”

“No question,” added CNN’s Dana Bash.

Well, well, well.

It appears CNN has gotten a taste of the truth and are slowly but surely admitting it.

Albeit, sometimes in a backhanded way, but I’ll take it.

By being so established, proficient, and knowledgeable in her position, Democrats were left embarrassed by their own lack of professionalism and awareness when questioning Barrett.

While the Democrats attempted their usual theatrics to impose yet another smear job against someone of Barrett’s caliber, they ended up smearing themselves.

From Trending Politics:

Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing on Tuesday, CNN shockingly admitted that Barrett was a great Supreme Court Justice pick when they stated that she would probably be confirmed by “70 votes” if she was chosen in a different political era.