Tik Tok Trolls Attempt To Sabotage Another Pro-Trump Event, And End Up Unwittingly Donating Almost 16k To Support The GOP

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I wonder if AOC is gonna be as proud of these losers as she was of the losers who sabotaged the Trump Tulsa rally? Someone should ask her that.

According to this, a whole bunch of anti-Trump TikTok users thought they’d try to sabotage a Staten Island GOP rally last week by hoarding online tickets in the same way that they  did for the Trump rally in Tulsa this past summer.

But the Staten Island GOP party was totally onto them, and what they did in response is absolutely priceless.

The party chairman, Brendan Lantry, had received about 1500 RSVPs from Staten Islanders for the event, but then out of nowhere those numbers started to climb quickly – all the way up to 75,000.  And that’s when he realized something was up.  The other giveaway?  The morons registering for the event used names like Grabmeby DePussay, Ivana Punchyou, and even the more obvious F-kyou Trump.  For real.

It was Lantry’s wife, Jessica, who is a bigtime TikTok user, who figured out the source of the sign-ups – and it was some 19 year old Brooklyn-ite who goes by Felisrae.  Check this out:

@felisrae##greenscreen if you’re from new york or just HATE this idiot i’ll put the link in bio ❤️ ##dumptrump2020 ##democrat ##leftists ##newyork ##bronx ##queens♬ original sound – feli$

That video took off on TikTok, and people who thought they were super clever were all excited about it.  According to the sourcelink:

The video rocketed around social media, racking up 523,000 views and 153,000 likes — and spurred scores of adults to spread the word.

“Register for this. I did,” Debbie Ingber Deutsch of Armonk, NY wrote on Facebook. “Let’s learn from Gen Z and Tulsa!”

“Order them so their numbers will be way off and they’ll expect more people,” explained Twitter user Earth Angel from Cheshire, Conn.

Hilarious, amirite?


Anyway, the event was billed as a free get-out-the-vote event, and yet, Lantry decided to add a nonrefundable $5 fee to the online sign-up form.  Since liberal TikTok users are among some of the world’s dumbest people, THAT DIDN’T EVEN DETER THEM, y’all.  Registrations from all over the country kept flooding the event registration page, and these idiots kept right on paying the $5 fee, right into the GOP coffers.

By the time it was all said and done?  The anti-Trump brigade ended up shelling out nearly 16k to “buy” more than 3000 tickets that didn’t actually cost anything, they didn’t prevent real rally-goers from going, the event drew 2500 people, was a total success, and ended up making money for the GOP.

Lantry’s message to the Tiktok crew? “Thank you, progressives, for helping us put on a successful rally.”

OH SNAP.  Good job, leftist morons.  Thanks for your contribution to the Trump re-election funds!


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