Why Did Democrats And Media Blame Trump For An Anarchist Plot To Kidnap Gov. Whitmer?

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So by now, y’all have probably heard about the FBI’s heroic efforts of thwarting an anarchist terrorist plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer. I have some thoughts and questions I’d like to share. I’ve combed through many pieces of the story, and I remain confused. Something about this story does not add up. So grab a cup of coffee or two, read the longer form detail I’ve compiled here, and share your opinion in the comments section.

My first reaction was, “Wow; this is the type of action we like to see.” An FBI success story on stomping out crime, and in today’s world of big tech, with contact tracing for the CCP-Virus and all, it’s nice to see the Trump FBI stopping crimes before they happen.

So that was my initial take, but I’ll be honest; it didn’t take long for my suspicion to rise higher than Pelosi’s brows.

Let me preface all of this by stating the obvious. This anarchist terrorist plot was batsh*t crazy unacceptable, and the people behind it – in whatever ideology tribe they belong to – are nuts. Any form of terrorism sucks. I condemn any form of violence – as does President Trump, his administration, and fellow Trump supporters. Moreover, I also denounce the Antifa/BLM/Marxist violence and rioting that has gone on across America for nearly six months. Terrorism in any form is unacceptable, so again, kudos to the FBI for a win, and it’s great news that Governor Whitner and others are safe.

When this story broke, I was still suffering a Kamala hangover from Wednesday night, after which the media spent most of Thursday talking about ‘Kamala vs. Fly.’ That was seriously their primary talking point. So by Thursday afternoon, my bullsh*t meter was hot.

As I scrolled through Twitter, others asked similar questions about the Whitmer story, which made me feel comfier that my questions were not unique in their level of suspicion. I decided to give the story at least 24 hours to brew and percolate because this entire story is extreme, insane, and doesn’t add up.

The videos and elements of this story are all over the place, but allow me to repeat this point: What pulls this entire story into suspicion is that Democrats and the media have labeled theses terrorist plotters as only extreme far-right whackos.

Why? Are the Dems using this as yet one more way to get at Trump? If so, that itself is sick and warped and crazy extreme.

Here’s ‘Mommy Dearest’ Whitmer blaming it all on Trump:

Because of all that, honestly, I feel the same way about this story as I did 24 hours after the Jussie Smollett story went viral.

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For months, we’ve watched Antifa terrorize the streets, and we’ve listened to the media, and Democrats refer to them as ‘peaceful,’ and we’ve heard people like Jerry Nadler say Antifa was a myth. Now, the media narrative redirects this event to the opposite far-right extreme? I’m sorry, it’s very suspect.

Is the media still not calling out Antifa? Oh, that’s right, the media and liberals have labeled them as only an idea. Do ideas have flags like the one behind this guy?

If you review all of it, it’s crazy how two extremes had seemingly blended and united to work together to plot the Whitmer kidnapping. (Notably, they’re a bunch of whackjobs to want to kidnap ‘Mommy Dearest Governor,’ but I digress.)

I’ll repeat it: There are wackjobs at both ends of the political spectrum. No matter who was involved, their views are warped versions of extreme right AND extreme left. It’s not one or the other in this case, but for Democrats and the media, they’re blaming white supremacy…and TRUMP. THAT is what creates a BIG political stink factor.

Are both right and left extremes now pairing up and identifying as Antifa? That theory doesn’t make sense. Celebrities and other well-known politicians had been allegedly bailing Antifa thugs out of jail for months during the ongoing riots. There’s no way celebrities were bailing out far-right-extremists. Or were they?

Remember the ‘Bernie Bros’ and the Project Veritas videos that outed many of Bernie’s campaign staffers claiming to be Antifa too? Remember how ‘Bernie Bros’ admitted on PV undercover tape their plan to overthrow the government and burn everything down if Bernie lost the Democrat Primary ticket??? The media quickly squashed the Project Veritas videos and branded them as a conspiracy theory…but why?

In the Whitmer case, it seems as if we have two wacko tribes of extreme left-wing and right-wing terrorist thought uniting in a melting pot with a shared mission to overthrow Michigan’s government.

Why isn’t the mainstream media informing us all about these anarchists? They’ve scared liberals into believing these guys are only on the extreme far-right…and I’m beginning to wonder what the mainstream media’s objective is behind that. They’re stoking up some pretty big conflicts, and it’s a dangerous game. If I worked for the media companies stoking that fear, I’m not sure I’d want to own that narrative.

Again, why use this to blame Trump? SO many people on the left immediately chimed in on Friday to do just that: “Get Trump.”

“Words Matter.” Really? Like last weekend when liberals were shouting out loud on Twitter how they hope Trump dies from COVID?

And this one, from Auntie Max, sealed the deal for me. Give me a flipping break:

Auntie Max, please share your sentiments with Michelle Obama because she seems to think the anarchist violence stirred up for months is peaceful, and Trump is lying about all of this.

Now hopefully y’all democrats will start condemning the BLM/Antifa rioting? Regardless of what your pal Michelle Obama says?

This Dworkin tweet is rich. Really?

The mainslime media will never learn. Do they want to?


For the past few months, liberal socialists have wanted to ‘defund the police,’ and they’re suggesting we rely upon social workers and therapists to come to our rescue. No thanks. I am genuinely glad Governor Whitmer had her police and the FBI watching over her so carefully. It would have been a shame if all she had to call for help was her therapist.

With all sincerity, Governor Whitmer, I’m glad you’re not my Governor, but everyone is happy you’re safe. Notably, the news is developing that the plot was not only about you, Whitmer. So it’s great that the FBI saved a number of people, including law enforcement, from harm’s way.

Now let’s address the Obama FBI’s persecution of a three-star General, Michael Flynn, shall we? Let’s face it–because of Obama’s FBI frauds we dealt with a Russian media narrative for three years. I’m not suggesting at all that the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot is a lie. Antifa anarchists are alive and well in America. The media has been labeling them as peaceful for months–until Thursday when they had the chance to try and pin the anarchist violence on President Trump.

Seriously, after so many fake stories over the past four years, what are Americans supposed to believe anymore? Smart people have to be asking the same questions. Because I ask these questions, it does NOT suggest I support anarchists or any form of terrorism. I believe Antifa is more than an idea, and liberals are frauds for downplaying the dangers of Antifa, and I condemn white supremacy.

I am merely waiting for the media and the FBI and the Democrats to condemn Antifa and stop telling us that the only group that could plot such a thing against Whitmer are extreme far-right whackjobs. When the media stops blaming Trump for the Whitmer attack, maybe then I will listen.

Have a great and peaceful weekend, everyone. I will continue to watch this story develop. But to be honest, I’m in Juanita’s camp. It’s not about Trump’s ‘white supremacy,’ it’s about Anarchists, and it’s a shame that Whitmer and the Dems and the media had to use this to go after Trump YET AGAIN.

Hey, if you have kids or grandkids, especially if they’re liberals, make sure you share with them the bedtime story about the boy who cried wolf. It’s an excellent story to keep close to your bed at night because adulting is hard.

I feel like I know where this story seems to be heading and, with that, I’m heading to Subway; I’m craving a sandwich.