President Trump Is Back, Feeling Great, Wants All COVID-19 Patients To Get What He Got… FOR FREE

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

President Trump released a new video Wednesday evening, which was recorded in the Rose Garden at the White House. He explained how he wasn’t feeling so hot when he went into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. After a short time, the doctors there gave him Regeneron.

Regeneron is a monoclonal antibody treatment, a synthetic version of the antibody you get if you have Coronavirus, which helps your body respond to it and build that antibody. Regeneron effectively reduces levels of the virus that cause Covid-19 in patients and appears to prevent patients from visiting the emergency room or hospital. It’s not approved by the FDA yet but it is on its way for fast track emergency use approval.

The doctors at Walter Reed gave the President other treatments, but he thinks Regeneron was key to his quick recovery. He explained how he felt better immediately after he received Regeneron as a treatment.

President Trump went on to explain how we have Regeneron and another similar treatment from Eli Lilly. He said the emergency use authorization is all set. He has authorized the Coronavirus taskforce to move ahead to get these drugs on an emergency basis to provide hundreds of thousands of doses to COVID patients, especially elderly patients who need them, for free.

The President strongly believes in the effectiveness of Regeneron. From his perspective, it wasn’t just “therapeutic,” it just made him feel better in what seemed to be an immediate response, and he considers it “a cure.”

Did President Trump declare that we might have a cure for COVID-19? BADABAMBADABOOM! Have faith, don’t be afraid!

The President went on to share encouragement with all Americans, and how he considers it a blessing in disguise that he came down with COVID. If not for his experience at Walter Reed, they’d potentially otherwise not have considered Regeneron as a treatment.

“I caught it, I heard about this drug, I said let me take it, and it was incredible the way it worked. Incredible. And I think if I didn’t catch it, we’d be looking at Regeneron like we’re looking at a number of different drugs, but it really did a fantastic job. I want to get for you what I got.”

To that, I say “suck it” to the media morons and liberal freaks who were essentially crying harder about his recovery than they were on election night back in 2016.

Time will tell, but the President is working with his teams to accomplish Regeneron’s mass production, and, in short order, he wants to share the treatment he received with all Americans who need it – and he is working towards making it FREE.

POTUS closed by saying that approved vaccines are on the way, and he’s pushing the FDA as no other President has done in history. Things are getting done at the FDA now in a matter of weeks when they used to take years.

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Because of President Trump’s pursuit of Regeneron, everyone who has COVID will be able to take it if they and their doctors choose to use it. POTUS went on to share, “With treatments such as Regeneron, you’ll get better, you’ll get better fast, just like I did.”

The President made this point very clear: “And I’m going to make it free; you’re not going to pay for it. It wasn’t your fault that this happened; it was China’s fault. And China is going to pay a BIG price for what they’ve done to this country. China’s going to pay a BIG price for what they’ve done to the world. This was China’s fault. And just remember that.”

The military is prepared to distribute Regeneron, and anyone who needs it will get it for free.

Allow me to repeat it: FREE. To me, it sounds like we’re winning the war against COVID-19 and China. Moreover, China and its Trump-hating media hacks can suck it.

#NeverForget how the media frauds treated Trump when he had and began recovering from COVID. I won’t forget it, that’s for certain. Media frauds are indeed the enemy–prove me wrong.

Ignore all the harmful noise that the toxic press is generating every five minutes. Instead, focus on how Trump is fighting for all of us, and we now have a potential cure for many.

#TRUMP2020 — We’re in it to win it.