Last Night’s Debate Made Our Choice Crystal Clear

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Kamala Harris is a power-hungry, smug, condescending monster who lied over and over and over again last night.  And if she rises to the presidency, which is basically a certainty if her ticket with the puppet who can barely remember his own name wins next month, then you can be prepared for all of those characteristics to be thrown into overdrive.

There’s one thing that’s certain about Kamala Harris.  She has no interest in the truth, in preserving the values of our country, or in maintaining the exceptionalism of America.  She wants power, she wants control, and she’s a ruthless liar who will stop at nothing to get those things.

Cue liberals and the media whining about Mike Pence going over his time and taking precious minutes from Kamala.  Bullsh*t.  She actually spoke a total of THREE MORE MINUTES than he did, and she didn’t have to contend with a fly trying to build a home on her head.

Important moments included this one, when Pence SHREDDED her on “peaceful transitions of power.”

What did Kamala have to resort to, since she certainly couldn’t talk about her own record? DEBUNKED LIES.

Pence wasn’t having it.

Kamala and Joe both refuse to answer a very basic question about their Supreme Court intentions:

How can anyone trust this ticket to level with the American people? HOW?

By the way, that whole, “I’m speaking” thing she did throughout the night? GIRL, NO. It took everything in me not to punch my TV when she did that. What a condescending hag. I like how he responded to that:

Side note. This was interesting:


One of Pence’s best moments? This one.

Hey – ‘member when Kamala said that Biden has been “very clear” about not banning fracking? Yeah. About that.

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And there’s also this:

Yeah. They’ve been SUPER CLEAR.

Kamala’s response on taking the vaccine was ridiculous. TRUMP IS NOT GOING TO PERSONALLY CREATE ANY VACCINE YOU IGNORANT BEAST.

Pence wasn’t having it:

I loved Pence saying what failure in a pandemic looks like:


Here’s the bottom line. If you’re a leftist, you believe Kamala won that debate. If you’re a normal, thinking, rational person, you know Pence won it. But I don’t think it matters regardless, because last night’s debate probably didn’t change anyone’s mind. People have their heels dug in right now. I actually can’t fathom how anyone remains on the fence when the choices are so vastly different. You either want to keep America great, or you want to turn it into Venezuela. Those are your choices. The end.

Oh – side note. AOC became Barbara Boxer last night.