Joy Behar: Trump’s SUV Drive-By ‘Was Right Out Of A Dictator’s Playbook’

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Riiiiight… sitting in a vehicle and waving at supporters is totally synonymous with a cult-like sense of leadership.

Good grief, the President could drink his tea with his pinky extended and still be compared to Hitler somehow.

Hitler fell asleep at night… OH MY GOSH, SO DOES PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Give me a damn break.

On Monday’s episode of The View, Joy Behar shared her usual ill-informed opinions… this time about President Trump driving by his supporters via motorcade outside of the Walter Reed Hospital this past Sunday.

Of course, Behar found yet another way to compare President Trump’s actions to that of a dictator.

Breitbart reported the transcript:

Behar said, “Well, when I watched that — I’m watching that car, the parade yesterday with him in the car, that was right out of a dictator’s playbook, you know? Parade the dictator around so that the world and America — the country can see that he’s still alive and he’s still robust.

I mean, I’m sure Behar could find a way to spin the Disneyland parades into dictatorship tactics too… if we’re gonna be that ridiculous, right?

I know that sounds off-base, but think about it: If Mickey Mouse were contagious with a head cold, he would need to refrain from being close to his supporters. But the love of the world that is Disney never stops. So poor, sick Mickey still shows up to the parade via drive-by.

…freaking Hitler-a$$ Mickey Mouse.

But, you know, I thought to myself — usually, the hostages are not driving the car. The thing about getting it, he certainly gets it now. Now that I get it, this coronavirus, it’s not a hoax anymore. That’s what he learned. He didn’t learn that 200,000 people and counting have died from this.”

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She added, “So you know they’re projecting 1 out of 10 in the world will have the coronavirus. That comes to— I figured the whole thing out— that’s about 750 million people will get it.

In the Spanish flu, 500 million people got it because the population was lower in those days.

But here’s the good news I wanted to say. The fact that he has the virus prevents other people from getting it now because he’s in quarantine, and he won’t be spreading it all over the place at his rallies. To his supporters who believe him, and don’t wear masks. So that’s the good part of this.”

HA HA! Spreading it all over the place? Because President Trump wipes his snot-filled nose with his bare hands before shaking hands with his supporters, right?

… the only reason I use this example specifically is because a MASK WOULDN’T HELP.

The only good that’s come out of this is the public being able to witness just how resilient our president is. I’d rather have a president with brass balls than a president who acts like he doesn’t have any at all.