Joe Biden: Police Officers Should Endure ‘Sensitivity Training’

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

With all the budget cuts that Joe Biden is advocating for, how in the hell are they going to afford the sensitivity training? We’d LOVE to hear your master plan on this one.

Additionally, does he really think he should be the spokesperson for sensitivity training? He’s so out of touch it’s unreal.

This is coming from someone who has addressed others saying “Fat,” “You lying dog-faced pony solider,” “Clap, you stupid bastards,” and voted against desegregation because he didn’t want his children going to school in a “racial jungle.”

Biden was on a little bit of a roll when he stated that police officers are placed in difficult situations that require significantly more training than they receive… then, just like a fart in church, he blew it.