WATCH: President Trump Surprises Supporters Outside Of Walter Reed Via Motorcade

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Our president stops at NOTHING. This act of strength, including so many other actions, continues to evidence exactly why this man deserves to continue being our president.

Even while President Trump endures his treatment for COVID-19, he surprised his supporters by greeting them outside of the Walter Reed Medical Center from his motorcade. Before anyone says anything – YES, he wore his mask, and YES, he stayed in the vehicle so as to maintain appropriate social distancing.

Everything about this is beautiful. He even took the time to drive up and down both sides of the street so he could greet every individual there.

It’s unfortunate that the left insisted on chanting for the President’s demise on Friday while Trump’s supporters were sharing in moments of prayer for his recovery.

Some of these vile individuals even mocked the Trump supporters, cracking jokes and taunting their sadness about the potential of President Trump becoming deathly ill from the virus.

So, hate speech is considered free speech insofar as it is verbalized from the left. Got it.

Other individuals blatantly shouted their hopes for Trump’s death –

It’s sad to think that President Trump’s smooth recovery is actually upsetting to anyone.

Clearly, as we have witnessed every single day, no matter what is thrown his way, President Trump will not be deterred.

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