Flash Mob Held Outside Of Bethesda Hospital In Support Of Trump’s Recovery

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I absolutely love this!! As President Trump and our First Lady Melania Trump are recovering from COVID-19, groups of people are showing their support for their health!

This is amazing to witness, especially after seeing the left’s disgusting responses to Trump’s diagnosis. Really puts into perspective who’s divisive.

Check this out… someone from California, yes, CALIFORNIA, ordered pizza for the individuals at the flash mob!

Someone who lives in California commented with a tweet about how Trump-supporting Californians have to closet their support due to the intense backlash they’d receive –

Not gonna lie, that’s actually HELLA reassuring to know!

It’s insane to me that we’ve reached a place in time where flying the American flag and supporting our own country suddenly means we’re Hitler-loving divisive Nazis to the left.

While the left continues to deface the American country and burn American flags as if they’re hoping for this country to fail, there’s no question whose efforts are actually divisive.