Cindy McCain Endorses Joe Biden The Day Before The Media Downplays Bombshell Report On Hunter [Opinion]

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Timing is everything, amiright? Let me kick this off by saying how my point here is not to focus on who Cindy McCain endorses for the 2020 Presidential election. Even though clowns like Gayle King think it matters, it doesn’t. I could give a rat’s arse who Cindy supports for President.

Everyone with a clear head knows that Cindy and her late husband helped us all define “RINO.” And we already know how Cindy and every other RINO on planet earth are going to vote.

So ignore that and focus on this:

Have you given a thought to THE IRONY IN HER TIMING OF ENDORSING JOE?

Ironically on Tuesday, the same day AG Bill Barr, Ivanka Trump, and Tim Tebow participated in an anti-human trafficking panel and announced $100 million in grants to fight said corruption, Cindy McCain (the same Cindy McCain Foundation superstar and ‘fighter against human trafficking’) announced that she was all in for Biden. The same Joe Biden who fathered Hunter — the same Hunter Biden now flagged as an alleged human trafficker.

Batcrappery freakshow of irony says what?

And yes, then on Wednesday afternoon, she ignored the truth bomb of Hunter’s involvement in human trafficking as she prayed for the community of Louisville, Kentucky, and the rioting that was undoubtedly about to ensue.

Queue the distractions away from Hunter….? (Is it just me?)

Liberals, of course, freaked out at Trump’s tweet toward Cindy on Wednesday, while I found humorous joy in his words. (I usually do. I’m actually on Twitter for Trump’s tweets, so I’m partial.)

I wrote about Cindy McCain and her pathetic excuses about Epstein back in January of this year.

Wow, what a year. Look how far Cindy has come in 9 months. Not really. During her human trafficking summit held in December 2019, Cindy refused to give Trump credit for calling BS on all things Epstein sex trafficking. Moreover, she completely disregarded the Trump Administration’s strengths and victories in fighting the battle against human sex trafficking since taking over in 2016.

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It was in January when I sarcastically thanked Cindy “for her dedicated work in fighting human trafficking.” Allow me to echo that again. Thanks, Cindy, for nothing.

Dear Cindy, those of us with our heads out of our derrières have a decent hunch about why you and your late husband and pals never went after Epstein. Time will tell. Meanwhile, have fun with Hunter at the voting booth when you go vote for his dear old dad.