Before 9:30am Thursday Morning, Biden Campaign Calls A “Lid”

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Sir, you’ve barely finished your morning coffee. Throw on your slippers, finish that coffee, and get some damn work done!

Joe Biden has a whopping total of nine days in the September month where he has had zero events and thus wasn’t on the campaign trail at all. You’d think being so close to the general election (40 FREAKING DAYS, in fact) that someone would be putting in MORE work… not less.

Talk about total lack of work ethic.

Even his counterpart proves to be just as useless, as Sen. Kamala Harris also wasn’t on the campaign trail due to having zero public events scheduled.

Both Biden and Harris had zero plans, not even press conferences or press releases… zilch, nada, nothing.

Breitbart reported:

Biden’s campaign called a “lid” at 9:20 a.m Thursday morning, meaning that it had no public events or travel scheduled for the rest of the day.

A “lid” usually also means the campaign will not conduct press conferences or dispense press releases the remainder of the day.

Biden’s team also clarified that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), the Democrat vice presidential nominee, had no public events scheduled for Thursday and, therefore, would not be on the campaign trail, either.

What the deuce? Didn’t Biden just say that he would be heavily engaged with debate preparations this week? This seems like an inopportune time to just disappear. C’mon, we know it doesn’t take long for you to prepare to read someone else’s speech written on a teleprompter.

This sounds like when I try to convince myself I’ll start working out early in the morning.

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Leave it to our beloved President Trump to actually take his goals seriously as he endures yet another fully scheduled day of events in North Carolina AND Florida.

Yet, Biden’s educated remarks consistently recycle pointless insults, mocking President Trump for the way he was walking down a ramp at Westpoint this year…

Coming from someone who can barely find his own a$$ with a compass and a map…

At least the man shows up and sticks to his word, Sleepy Joe!