Protests Underway In Louisville, KY After Announcing No Murder Charges In Breonna Taylor’s Death

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

They were going to riot no matter what happened. We know this is true after video footage showed a bail project organizer, Holly Zoller, board member of Louisville’s ‘Books to Prisoners’ delivered riot gear to protesters before the decision on Taylor’s case was announced.

Here you see a group of rioters confronting and harassing cops on the street. Some of the protestors are seen carrying sticks for weapons as they circle the police.

In broad daylight, rioters start attacking businesses. The national guard and the State police were called up to protect the capital.

By the looks of the first video, tonight is going to be a long night for the law enforcement protecting the city and the residents that just want to keep their homes and businesses from burning down. Pray for Lousiville tonight. Evil has descended onto this city.

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