Hecklers Interrupt Sen. Schumer’s Press Conference On RBG’s Replacement

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Democrats believe that America supports their decision to trample on the United States Constitution at every turn. That is why they do press conferences in the open, telling the public exactly how they plan to destroy our country.

The press conference today was supposed to be about Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s replacement on the Supreme Court. Senator Schumer took to the podium to talk about the evilness of the Republican party for following the Constitution on this matter.

Their issue is not that Republicans are doing something illegal, because they aren’t. The Dems have a problem because they are still upset that Trump won and Republicans maintained control of the Senate. They are mad that there is nothing they can legally do to stop us from nominating and confirming this justice before the election.

Instead of Schumer being able to get his false statement out to the public uninterrupted, a heckler joins in to let Schumer in on a little secret: we don’t trust him or his party.

Sen. Schumer: 

“We, the Democrats, are working as hard as we can to protect Americans.” *Gets interrupted*

Heckler 1:

“You ain’t doing shit! You ain’t doing shit! Stop lying to the people!”

Heckler 2:

“Jesus saves. Jesus SAVES. Jesus loves you guys.”

Heckler 1:

“Stop lying to the people!”

Sen. Schumer:

*tries to continue* “Thank you. Democrats are fighting as hard as we can to fight for Americans, but we need Americans to continue fighting with us.”

Heckler 1: 


I LOVE THIS. I don’t want to see weak Republicans anymore. Did you hear that, Chuckie? That is the sound of the silent majority becoming louder and louder with every step you take to dismantle our democracy.

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