According To This Woman, Black People Should Be Able To Freely Shoplift With No Consequences.

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This is where we are now. Brace yourselves for the total batsh*ttery you’re about to see.

The “alleged” black shoplifters actually DID SHOPLIFT.  And apparently the merchandise was returned to the store, and the manager did not press charges.

There’s a really simple solution to avoiding all of this.


But honestly, this type of ultra-Karening (which was done by a woman on Twitter who goes by Charity Sade who ended up deleting her account), should not come as any surprise to us, given that she has fallen hook, line, and sinker for the BLM propaganda and the nonsense that comes out of the mouths of radicals like Nikole Hannah Jones, creator of the 1619 Project, who said this:

So see?  Property damage is just fine, y’all.  What’s not yours is yours if you’re black, because of how much you’ve been oppressed.  It doesn’t matter if you’re hurting another black person, or black-owned business.  It matters that you’re mad, and black.  That’s all that matters, so you just get to take what you want.  “Destroying property is not violence” according to the 1619 author.

Charity Sade is a useful idiot for the BLM movement.  That’s all she is.  The danger though, is that there are so MANY Charity Sades.  I’m friends with the white version of these women on FB – have known them for years – and their hearts BLEED, you guys.  They bleed and bleed.  But are they willing to walk the talk?  Are they willing to, say, give up their fancy suburban homes to a black person?  Are they willing to have their homes robbed?  I mean, it’s just property, right?

I guarantee you that Charity Sade wouldn’t allow her home to be robbed without calling the cops. And this is the predictable thing about progressives.  They are happy to rid you of YOUR belongings, of YOUR freedom, of YOUR rights.  But don’t you dare come after what’s theirs.

These people are insane.  The end.

UPDATE:  Charity Sade has her Twitter account back up and running but the tweets are now protected.