The Email We Just Received From Some Absolute Lunatic Is One For The Ages.

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Imagine that you’re me or Daisy, and you’re sitting at your computer working and minding your own business, when all of a sudden, you get an email that looks like this.

That’s it.  That’s the email.  Just a note from Lisa with a subject line that says, “Skip the red shoes ladies…”

So, Daisy and I assumed, rightly, that Lisa was referring to our home page cover photo.  You know the one:

We’re wearing red shoes in it, you see.  And Lisa decided that this egregiousness could not stand without her letting us know she was dissatisfied with our shoe choice. At this point, she hadn’t given us a reason.  But we were about to find out.

First, Daisy responded to Lisa’s demand succinctly:

Because as we’ve mentioned several times, in videos and posts and elsewhere, WE DO WHAT WE WANT.

I was flabbergasted by the whole thing, and wrote this:

Because honestly – what compels a stranger to take the time to look up our email address, and send us that kind of bitchy message?  WHO DOES THAT?

I’ll tell you who. Lisa.  That’s who.

I got a reply from Lisa, who didn’t copy Daisy on it, and meanwhile, Daisy was also getting replies from Lisa, who didn’t copy ME on them, because Lisa is seemingly unfamiliar with the concept of Reply-To-All.  Let’s start with the exchange she had with Daisy.

Say whaaaa?  Wearing red shoes represents the killing of babies now?  Wow.  That was news to me.  But Daisy recognized it as a belief of some fringe QAnon folks, and replied with a copy to me:

Keep in mind, Lisa had also written ME back separately.  And here was her explanation as to why chicks send these kinds of emails, and why our red shoes are clearly tools of the devil, or something.


I cannot tell you how depressing it is that Lisa is a fellow conservative.  We already have to deal with seventy shades of crazy from Leftists, so when the crazy comes from our side it’s a total killjoy.

But you know I’m the kinda girl who finds the fun wherever I can.  I responded:

I’m hoping Lisa reads this, and that this gif sends her OVER THE EDGE:


Obviously, this will be a focal point of tomorrow’s FB live video and radio show, because we need a break from talking about heavy school indoctrination stuff, and this is just pure hilarity.

Listen – we know there are perfectly reasonable, thoughtful, intelligent people who are super into the whole QAnon thing, and that’s fine.  There is certainly value in exploring some of the theories.  But this?  This whole “red shoes mean baby killing” and this obsession with everything symbolizing other things?  No.  Just stop it.

If our red shoes are legit triggers for conservatives when they’re checking out our site, here’s how much interest I have in them sticking around.




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