Rep. Rogers Predicts That Pelosi And Others Will Retire If The Democrats Lose The House In November

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Nancy Pelosi and her crooked tribe really are the garbage bag windows on a minivan, aren’t they? Like, you’re not protecting anyone and you’re barely even functional.

Personally, I’d love the sweet victory of being able to vote these corrupt shrews out of office. I’m all for the trash taking itself out but c’mon, let us have this one last piece of joy after Trump’s reelection!

Mobile, AL radio FM Talk 106.5 held an interview with Mike Rogers, a Republican Representative on the House Homeland Security Committee, where they discussed the likelihood of Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic leadership of the House nearing its end based on a couple of scenarios. The two scenarios being if Trump is reelected to a second term or if Democratic control ceases.

Breitbart reported the transcription:

“I think it depends on how the election turns out,” Rogers explained. “You know, she made a deal with the devil in the last cycle that if they let her be speaker for two more terms, she would retire. She’s 80 years old right now. She’ll be 82 in one more term, assuming they keep the majority.

“But, you know, these folks are very unreasonable. They’re very unhappy. And we had the same dilemma when we were in the majority with the Freedom Caucus. They could not be completely satisfied, and they were the reason we couldn’t pass legislation.

“It was never good enough for them,” he continued. “But it’s the same problem Democrats are having with its left wing, which is far more liberal than Nancy Pelosi if you can believe that. That’s hard to imagine to me, but it’s true.

“The fact is, when the election is over, assuming Donald Trump is reelected, which I think he will be, she’s going to struggle to get them to honor the second half of that commitment to let her stay speaker. If we take the House back, she’s gone,” he continued. “I think she’ll go ahead and announce her retirement.”

However, he said what might come in the place of those three could be “scary” to most Americans.

“If that happens, you’ll see a complete sea change,” he said. “I think Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn will all go ahead and announce their retirements because they’ll be overthrown and the new emerging leaders of that conference will be scary to most Americans, who are in the middle of the political spectrum.”

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Now we just need to get Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, and others outta there and we’ll all live happily ever after! Not really, but it will certainly make things brighter.

Arrest them, vote them out, have them retire… I don’t care HOW it happens.