Greg Gutfeld Slams Woodward’s Book As A Booger Dressed As A Bombshell

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

When everything is a bombshell, nothing is a bombshell, amiright?

I’m not a hater you guys, but this kind of craptastic constant “bombshell” blowhard anti-Trump hate coming from activist media hacks makes me hate the mainstream media.

The fake media have become nothing more than obnoxious little cry babies who cry wolf every other day, if not daily. It’s so bad that I’m not sure how some of these “reporters” (better known as leftist activists) get their sorry butts out of bed to go to work every day.

As for what they began “crying wolf” about on September 9th, it is more specifically “the boy(s) who cried Woodward.” And just like that, the Atlantic story – the bomb that it was – has gone poof and died in the darkness of media lies.

In case you’ve not yet heard about the Woodward “bombshell,” in his new book, Woodward leaked and wrote about a conversation he had when interviewing President Trump earlier this year. Specifically about how, early on during COVID-19, Trump played down the panic, and he admitted to doing so.

For me, my response to that was and is, GOOD! I find it comforting when our President is the ‘calm in the storm.’ But according to the media, “Because Trump irresponsibly misinformed us all and because we should have panicked more, we were unprepared and American lives were lost.”

Meanwhile, there’s no mention from Woodward about the active investigations of five Democrat Governors and their state’s excessive nursing home deaths due to their misdirection that allegedly did cause greater loss of lives. I could go on, but I digress.

Thankfully for millions of people like me, there are a few remaining media pros like Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Waters on The Five at Fox News. I love them both, but this week I think I love them more.

Greg Gutfeld spelled it out perfectly on what media hacks and liberal hack politicians were saying and doing in February and March when Trump was calmly managing the situation and creating solutions for America and the world to better deal with COVID-19.

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Watch Gutfeld here; it is beautiful. Gutfeld calls out the Woodward story as a booger dressed as a bombshell:

And let’s not forget what Madam “Blowout” Speaker was doing early on when COVID-19 struck:

Plus, as Jesse Watters also mentioned, if Trump would have stirred up panic during the impeachment trials, the media would have gone after him for creating panic to distract from their leftist moves on impeachment. This is also precisely on point. Listen here to Jesse’s take:

So, in my opinion, Woodward should save himself time and embarrassment and kick this can down the road.

Let’s move on to the next bombshell that wasn’t. The Woodward story is nothing but trash news on a stick; it wastes trees and paper to publish it all.

Regardless of Trump’s comments to Woodward, he didn’t say anything different to Woodward than he said to everyone in the nation or across the world or to Dr. Fauci.

Even Dr. Fauci reacted to the 9/09/20 media outbursts almost immediately as they began “crying Woodward.”

I WILL STAND with my opinion and Greg’s and Jesse’s opinions that this bombshell is NOT a bombshell. It fizzled out in its fake news bath before the media tears began to fall.

Importantly, will the media cry about how Trump also talked about HCQ therapeutics? Nope, they will continue to bury that story, even though Trump told us all about that too. (Long ago when the same fake media was crafting up the narrative that taking HCQ was like drinking fish tank cleaner. Remember?)

In case you’re interested, here’s the full episode of The Five from 9/09/20. It’s a good one.

Moral of the story?