Stop What You’re Doing And Watch These Clips Of Us Talking To The Incomparable Ric Grenell

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The amount that I adore him cannot be overstated, y’all.  Daisy and I had the BEST CONVO EVER with Ambassador/Special Envoy/Overall Badass Richard Grenell for this week’s Mock and Daisy Common Sense Cast episode.

I’m giving y’all three snippets from the episode, but make sure to listen to the full episode so you can also hear his dog story, because it’s the best. Plus, one of the clips below features a never-before-told-story about President Trump!

Seriously would have talked to him for like 5 straight hours if I didn’t think he’d be afraid I’d start boiling bunnies at his house or something.  Y’all know how I am.

Anyway, here are a few video clips captured by the good folks at Radio America:

Here’s the full episode!  Enjoy!

Listen to “Ep. 58: Richard Grenell, Politics, and A Never Before Told Story About Trump” on Spreaker.