You Gotta Watch This College Kid CALL THE COPS Because He Heard Conversations That He Didn’t Agree With.

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This is amazing. Will Witt, from Prager U, visited Cal State LA to ask students about socialism.  As you’ll see, Will – who is like the least aggressive, mild-mannered person EVER – is simply having normal conversations with people.  No one is being coerced or harassed.  They’re talking.  That’s it.

And yet – that’s not acceptable to a black student who was very very upset by the fact that conversations were happening around him that were not to his liking.  So what did he do?


His complaint?  “They are trying to fear-monger students” and “they’re going up to students and asking them questions.”

Cops come, and hilarity ensures.

Think about how completely psychotic it is that the triggered idiot referred to the conversations that Will Witt was having as “terrorizing” and that Will’s language was “threatening.”  It’s lunacy.  It’s total insanity.

It’s progressivism.

I love that the cops were all, “Dude – that’s not terrorism.  That’s freedom of speech.”

But yeah – this is the state of campuses now.  FYI.