BREAKING: Mayor de Blasio’s Wife Accused Of Having A Staff of 14, Including Videographer Paid $70,000

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While many Americans are struggling both financially and emotionally during the pandemic, Bill de Blasio’s wife is doing just fine. In fact, she is more than fine.

Although we needed no further proof that de Blasio is the worst mayor in the history of EVER, we have it anyways. His wife is living a life of luxury on the taxpayer’s dime.

The Daily Mail published a piece outlining the dirty details of how Chirlane McCray is living off the backs of taxpayers.

Bill de Blasio’s unelected wife has been branded a ‘disgrace’ for having a staff of 14 costing New York City $2 million, including a $70,000 videographer who filmed her baking cookies – while crime soars amid NYPD budget cuts, trash is left to pile up on the streets and 22,000 city workers face job losses.

Chirlane McCray, who is mulling a run for Brooklyn borough president, enjoys a core team of eight full-time staff who cost the city a combined $1.1 million in annual salaries, according to her office.

Sources at the Mayor’s Office told The City the mayor’s wife also has at least another six staff who do not feature on the official roster, taking her total workforce to 14 with a hefty price tag of $2 million.

While the mayor’s wife has a considerable team – despite not being officially employed by the city government – her husband has sounded repeated warnings that a staggering 22,000 workers could lose their jobs in the fall due to the toll the pandemic has taken on the city’s budget.

This comes after de Blasio has already axed $1 billion from the NYPD budget amid a surge in crime and made cuts to essential public services.

Thank God we can watch McCray bake cookies. That really helps the public get through these tough times. If she really wanted her baking filmed, why didn’t she have local high school kids in a film club record her for free?

Drastic budget cuts have been made to essential services leaving the city’s streets and parks – not long ago a hive of urban activity – dirty and overflowing with rubbish.

But while cuts are adding further nails to the city’s coffin, there is no sign of cuts to the mayor’s wife’s 14-strong team of staffers.

McCray’s $2 million team includes a videographer with a salary of $70,000 who was hired in February and was tasked with filming her enjoying some baking during lockdown, The City reported.

The unnamed individual worked with McCray shooting a social media video called ‘Baking with the First Lady’ in early April where she made some ginger snaps.

Her team also includes a $117,000-a-year speechwriter and a $150,000-a-year senior adviser.

Think about this. Just last year, de Blasio wanted to be President of the United States. Thank God Democrats haven’t gone that far off the rails, yet.

It’s enough that he has destroyed America’s largest city; we certainly did not need him destroying the entire country. Based on his skills, he would have made quick work of that. Also, can you even imagine how much more McCray would waste as First Lady of the United States?

Listen up peasants! You minions should be grateful for McCray and her team’s work.

The Mayor’s Office did not immediately return’s request for comment

However, City Hall spokeswoman Chanel Caraway on Tuesday told the Post New Yorkers should be thankful to McCray’s team.

‘The First Lady manages a robust portfolio and her team works tirelessly to carry out goals and priorities on issues like mental health and domestic violence that will improve the lives of New Yorkers,’ she said.

‘As the City navigates unprecedented challenges triggered by the COVID-19 crisis, these public servants continue to show up every day to deliver solutions that reach into every neighborhood and family, and we owe them a debt of gratitude.’

What chutzpah! Everyone must sacrifice, but not the mayor or his wife.

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