MSNBC Says Calling Comma-la Harris ‘Phony’ Is Bad But Forgets The Many Times They Used It [Opinion]

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MSNBC: “‘Phony’ is a very gendered term that we use to present women in power in an unfavorable light, there’s something fake about them,” Jennifer Palmieri says about a Trump campaign attack on Sen. Harris. “It’s a very old trope.”

This tweet was in response to Trump’s attack ad that was released soon after Biden announced his decision to name Kamala Harris as his Vice President.

If you remember, the ad said: “Voters rejected her. But not Joe Biden. He’s not smart.”

It has nothing to do with him calling her phony at the end of the ad, but it is just so funny I had to share it again.

Ok, back on topic.

In the ad, Trump labeled Kamala as ‘phony’ and Biden as “slow.” And the liberal idiots went nuts trying to paint Trump as a sexist that hates women. *Don’t you think it’s funny that no one was coming to Joe’s defense?*

MSNBC, as you can see from their tweet above, was very quick to point out Trump’s sexism, saying that its a “gendered-term.” If you don’t speak liberal, a “gendered-term” is just a classy way of saying that this is a derogatory word used to demean women in the past.

Here is the problem with almost all liberals; they have a horrible memory. We try and try to explain to them that the internet is forever. We do our part to be good, kind neighbors, but they just don’t listen.

MSNBC forgot about the multiple times they have used or promoted the use of the word ‘phony’ as a derogatory term. They pounced at the chance to point out the speck in Trump’s eye while ignoring the plank in theirs.

It doesn’t shock me that they forgot about their sins. If I am completely honest, I bet they actually remember their hypocrisy and just don’t care.

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Whether they care or not doesn’t matter, I am more than happy to call them out every single time.

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