Another Day, Another Wall Of Shame Addition! It’s A Two-fer, Even!

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If you missed our FB live video this morning, then you missed us sharing the below video:

We had A LOT to say about that video, but to summarize quickly, we made two points about it. First, it’s INSANE that some leftist white-guilt-ridden chick is THIS EMOTIONAL about Kamala being chosen as Biden’s running mate. But second, what’s even more insane is that this leftist white-guilt-ridden chick captured herself on her phone crying about Kamala being chosen, and if that wasn’t enough, she then thought to herself, “Self – you know what I should do? I should share my total hysteria with the entire world.”

What kind of insanity leads people to do this? This is just flat out bizarre behavior.

Anyway, that was gist of the discussion we had about it in this morning’s video.

We get lots of trolls every day on our FB live videos, but some of them today were exceptionally batsh*t. Like, for instance, look at this:

“Women should be helping each other, not tearing them down,” she says, after COMING TO OUR PAGE and telling us that we’re embarrassing and need to STFU.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!  Ya gotta love the lack of self-awareness, amirite?

By the way, she blocked us immediately after writing that last comment.  But you can still see that exchange in the actual thread right here.

She wasn’t the only angry leftist to stop by today.

Again.  With the lack of self-awareness thing. I mean, why the F*CK does she even GIVE A SH*T, to borrow her OWN FREAKING COMMENT.  Does she have nothing better to do with her life than troll our FB page?  Shame on her.


No response from her yet, and I’m sure I’ll block her from the thread if she DOES respond, but for now, that exchange can still also be found on the linked thread above.

UPDATE:  She’s back. 🙂

Update #2:  She has now deleted all of her comments.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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