Police Uncover Disturbing Online Post That May Have Triggered Riots And Looting: Bring ‘Tools, Ski Masks, Gloves’

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So, the Trump re-election campaign ensues.

Written encouragement to riot and loot the “Magnificent Mile” shopping district in Chicago was recently released by Chicago police. Apparently this incitement of violence was enforced via a social media post.

The post literally stated to bring tools. Like, imagine someone bringing measuring tape to the “event” and being completely baffled.

Check this out-

The Daily Wire reported:

The subsequent social media post, which cops say may have led to an all-out crime spree Sunday night through Monday morning, tells those outraged by the story to prepare for violence.

“The ABC7 I-Team obtained a social media post that Chicago police detectives said directed looters to converge on Gold Coast stores starting at 12 a.m. Monday. The post points looters away from the South, West and East sides, and instead tells them to target downtown and the North Side. Looters are encouraged to bring tools, ski masks, and gloves,” Chicago’s ABC affiliate reported Tuesday.

“Attention, attention, looting start (sic) at 12 am,” the post reads. “We will not be f***ing up the south side, east side, or west side. Downtown area and up north area only. Bring ya tools, ski mask, gloves.”

Now, imagine if these individuals were to put an equal amount of effort into restoring their city and perhaps society in general.

These people are so far beyond peaceful protesting and standing up for what they believe to be right, for the betterment of their community.

This is what happens when there are zero consequences for your actions.

David Brown, Chicago police superintendent, denied that this was an exercise of organized demonstration, and instead was “an incident of pure evil,” according to The Daily Wire.

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The damage from Sunday night’s looting is extensive. Fox News claims the incidents “caused at least $60 million in property damage.” Chicago’s ABC affiliate notes that looters targeted a wide area on the city’s north side, moving west from the “Magnificent Mile” to “high-end clothing, jewelry and watch boutiques on the adjoining retail corridors.”

As The Daily Wire reported earlier Tuesday, a Chicago branch of the Black Lives Matter movement defended the “protesters” in a rally outside a south side police precinct Monday night, claiming that looters were simply revolting against a system of oppression and that looting is a form of “reparations.”

What they don’t understand is that someone has to pay for repairing the damages caused by their “reparations.” This usually comes out of the taxpayer pockets… assuming, of course, a portion of these looters depend on welfare programs. Oh, and who funds welfare programs? Taxpayers. Interesting.

Don’t come crying to me about wanting monetary reparations for your non-enslaved lifestyle, when that compensation is prioritized to what you chose to damage.