Bombshell: In Obamagate Drama, Senator Ron Johnson Says Republicans Are Responsible For Blocking Comey, Brennan Subpoenas

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Politico is reporting that Senator Ron Johnson is blaming fellow Senate Republicans for preventing Johnson from being able to subpoena James Comey and John Brennan.

In a hardline radio interview by Hugh Hewitt, Senator Johnson claimed that it has been hard enough to get the approval of the subpoenas he has obtained and that Republicans are stalling.

Johnson says that he has to obey the hierarchy. According to the senator, Lindsey Graham was given the task of investigating large portions of the scandal.

Because of Lindsey Graham’s inability to get anything other than fundraising done is precisely the reason he is quickly climbing the ranks of my sh*t list.

Hewitt says, “Look everybody in this audience wants Jim Comey under oath, and they want John Brennan under oath, and they want Andrew McCabe under oath.” Hewitt continues asking Johnson, “I would like to know which Republican is blocking a Jim Comey subpoena from you?”

Johnson responds defensively, saying that it was essential to get the documents before calling for the subpoenas.

Here is the problem, Johnson and the rest of the RINOS in Congress, we don’t want to hear your excuses anymore. You’ve had three years, with ten months of those years having SOLID evidence to get the subpoenas rolling, and you’ve done nothing.

We have the largest political scandal in our nation’s history being covered up by both parties and the media.


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At one point around the 3-minute mark of the 10-minute interview, Hugh Hewitt says that he is going to give Johnson and Lindsey equal blame for this disaster, to which Johnson responds, “fine.”


Hewitt lost it and rightfully so.

Nothing about this is fine, Senator Johnson. The American people deserve to have a conclusion to these very real and serious crimes being alleged. We elected you to do a job, and it’s not “fine” when you don’t do that job.

Remarks like this will get you fired.

Johnson was pressed multiple times on who the committee member was that was causing all the roadblocks. Johnson refused to name names because the swamp enjoys protecting their own.

We know its Romney, just admit it already. And, if it isn’t Romney, that is causing all the problems the American people deserve the right to know who it is.

Johnson does, however, call out FBI director Wray for his “slow-walking” of information and documents pertinent to the investigation. The reality is that this isn’t Wray’s blunder. This is our Republican congress failing once again to do what we ask of them.

What are our options? For RINOS that lost their party primaries, that job is done.

But, for RINOS that ran unopposed in the party, how are we supposed to vote for them?

If we don’t vote for them and the Democrat wins, we lose, but on the other hand, if we vote for them and the RINO wins, we lose.

The American people deserve the absolute best from our elected public officials. So far, from what I have witnessed in politics, the American people are being sold a bag of goods. Americans continuing to allow these people to run our country is like Charlie trusting Lucy with the football; its never going to end well for us.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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