BREAKING: NFL Will Reportedly Ditch Live National Anthem, Cites The Reason Is Due To Concerns Over Coronavirus [Opinion]

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Coronavirus is so powerful y’all.

Apparently we can play football games, but live national anthem performances are just too dangerous. Well isn’t that just so interesting?!

From The Daily Caller:

The national anthem will still be played before the games, but just not live in the stadium, according to the report. The performer will either sing the anthem in another location while it streams live into the stadium, or the artist will have the option to pre-record the performance.

The amount of photographers and press allowed on the sidelines during the games will also be limited, Front Office Sports reported.

The news comes as changes to the NFL season have already been announced. Some teams have seemingly decided fans will not be allowed in stadiums at all including the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Decisions on the number of fans at stadiums will be determined on market-by-market basis with guidance from public health experts & in accordance with local/state guidelines,” the NFL said in a statement to NBC Sports.


So, the NFL is set to possibly allow fans in stadiums but claims a live singing of the national anthem crosses the safety line. Who do they think they are kidding? This is the first step in just doing away with the national anthem altogether. I’m assuming the so-called black national anthem that will be sung at all week one games will be recorded as well. But, who knows? Maybe that anthem is safe and protected from the reach of the rona.

With all these restrictions and ridiculous protocols, sports are lame this year. The NFL, MLB, and NBA should have just cancelled their seasons.

NO ONE is buying what the NFL is selling here.

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