Group Called ‘Confront White Womanhood‘ Sells T-Shirts, Pushes Claim That ‘White Womanhood Is White Supremacy’ [Opinion]

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You guys! There is a group called Confront White Womanhood. For real! They even sell t-shirts that say White Womanhood IS White Supremacy. WTH?

The basic premise of this group is that white women are the root of all evil in America in the year 2020. Who knew? These ladies want to help you reform your racist ways. According to them, all white women are racist and basically suck. They will teach you how to stop being a racist and a white supremacist.

They explain their purpose in the About/What We Do section of their website.

Confront White Womanhood is dedicated to educating people about the ways white womanhood is used to enact white supremacy and how as white women we are responsible for our role in this white supremacist culture. We seek to shrink the gap between our beliefs and actions, through an embodied understanding of our choices in the context of history. We can and will build a truly intersectional feminist movement, but only through confronting the ways we perpetuate racial violence.

We do this through interactive workshops, webinars and lectures. By investigating hidden histories, with vulnerable discussions about harm and complicity, we empower attendees to disrupt white supremacy internally and externally.

According to this fringe group, being a white woman makes one both a victim and a perpetrator.

White Womanhood is a construct designed to simultaneously limit the freedom of white women while enhancing systems of White Supremacy. As white women, we simultaneously hold social and financial power as white people, while suffering under the confines of “womanhood.”

What I love most is how they lump ALL WHITE WOMEN together and stereotype them.

How do white women participate in the oppression of people of color?

  • Direct and Indirect Violence: We engage in direct violence, through harassment, intimidation, microaggressions and physical aggression. And we engage in indirect passive violence, to reassert our control and dominance.

  • Innocence: We claim, and are handed innocence, the role of victim. This role allows us to avoid claiming responsibility, but also deprives us of our agency and ability to show up in our lives and relationships.

  • White Saviorism: We engage in destructive “caretaking”. Operating from the assumption that a white person can single-handedly “fix” a Community of Color’s [sic] problems without following the leadership of that community, often resulting in further damage to the community.

  • Universalism: We assume that white women’s experience of womanhood is the universal experience of womanhood, ignoring the lived realities of Women of Color.

Do they not seeing how they are being universalist in indicating all white women have the same experience and are all consciously or subconsciously racist? How are they blind to their own racism while projecting it on everyone else?

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Confront White Womanhood was founded by self-loathing white woman Heather Marie Scholl (B.A. in Race, Gender and Sexuality… of course), Rhiannon Childs, and Sophie Ellman-Golan. Being in the business of saying all white people are racist and privileged is good business these days. To that end, they offer a “deep dive” curriculum or shorter 1-2 hour seminars. Anyone who spends even a dime to take any course from these radicals is out of their mind. In addition to paying registration fees, white people are required to donate to preferred leftist charities when they register for a class.

The bat$hit ladies make a disclaimer on their site about who their courses are designed for. In this statement, they prove they are good, compliant liberals all the way around by welcoming trans women and perceived white people to the courses.

*We do not believe in creating white-only spaces; all people are welcome. However, trainings are designed for people who are or have been perceived as “white women”. This includes trans people of all genders who may have had this experience, as well as People of Color who may be perceived as white. Please reach out with any questions.

These people are hardcore. Apparently they have been around for at least several years. Sadly, it feels like their time has come since this is the year of White Fragility, white privilege, and Black Lives Matter.