NFL Causes More Outrage, Now Bans Players From Attending Indoor Church Services Exceeding 25% Capacity

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The NFL is yet again causing uproar and outrage across conservative media. You may be thinking, “WHAT NOW?!”

Well, the collective bargaining agreement between the league and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) prohibits players from attending church services over 25% capacity, according to reporting from The Daily Wire.

Players who violate the CBA’s rules will expose themselves to fines, and if they contract the virus by engaging in prohibited activities, they will not be paid any games they miss and could void future guarantees in their contracts.

Here are some of the hysterical reactions stemming from this news:

A “war on church” or a “war on Jesus”? Hardly! I often pick on the left for being easily offended and hysterically overreacting to…well, everything. Now, I must pick on people on the right for overreacting to this NFL news.

The NFLPA agreed to these rules by a vote of 29-3. They could have fought against this regulation if it were important to them. Players can still go to church (within the guidelines) or live stream church like many, many Americans are doing nowadays.

Also, church attendance is not being singled out here. The NFL is simply trying to keep the players healthy so they can have a season.

According to several sources who spoke to NBC Sports, the CBA also prohibits other things that could expose players to COVID-19, such as attending indoor night clubs, indoor house parties with more than 15 people, indoor concerts, and professional sporting events. Trips to any indoor bar are allowed only to pick up to-go food.

So, there is a lot more banned in this agreement than just church.

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Now there is one hypocritical part about all of this. The NFL apparently is not worried about players catching the virus while protesting amidst gobs and gobs of people. In fact, they embrace and celebrate it.

So, I am out of step here with the knee-jerk conservative reaction to this news. Maybe I’m off base. What do YOU think? Either way, I’m still not watching the NFL this year.

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