Is Alyssa Milano OK?

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Let me answer my own question. No. No, Alyssa Milano is not OK. And I feel this inexplicable need to respond to her insane Twitter tirade from the other day, because it’s so batsh*t, and responding to batsh*ttery is one of my favorite pastimes.

She tweeted A LOT, you guys.  And so we’ll just take a few at a time.

Let me help you with that “mystery,” Alyssa.  And I’m even going to count the way that you did.  First of all – those of us who voted for Trump in 2016 did so because the alternative was Hillary Clinton.  And 2) we wanted conservative Supreme Court Justices and C) we wanted someone who wasn’t a typical politician who could shake things up and who clearly loves America.

Yes, you should send your kids to school.  AND yes, there should be sports of all kinds.  And the people who want to opt out of sports or work should freely do so WHILE NOT DEMANDING PAY for doing nothing.  This virus isn’t going away, but the great news is that therapeutics are being developed, and the chances of people getting the virus and surviving is super super high.  So, you know what we should do?  LIVE OUR LIVES.  Because right now, we have two options.  Either lose people to the virus AND kill our economy (and more people in the process), or lose people to the virus and rebuild our economy back to the thriving awesomeness that it was before China went and ruined everything.  Either way, we’re gonna lose people to the virus.  That’s a tragic reality.  I hate it, but it’s the reality.  If that’s still confusing to you, then read this.

We have “secret” armed police in tactical gear because of the violent leftist BLM protesters who keep burning sh*t down, looting stores, assaulting people, and creating total chaos for no REAL reason other than the fact that they’re lunatic anarchists.  The reason those police are no longer wearing name tags is because they keep getting doxxed and threatened by idiots who are as dumb as you are, Alyssa, because you support the violence instead of the peacekeepers.  Why is that, exactly?

Oh ha ha ha ha ha ha good one about the orange man.  Haven’t heard anyone make fun of Trump’s skin color before, so really impressed with your cleverness on that. PS.  If you start a sentence with a preposition, you don’t need to end it with the same preposition, you MORONIC SEAHAG. “In what world are we living in” – SERIOUSLY?

Ok so do you want to keep kids home from school or don’t you?  PICK A LANE.

And you’re saying black lives matter?  Like David Dorn’s? Herman Cain’s? The children who’ve been shot in Chicago?  Or is it just cherry-picked black lives that matter?

Yeah – congrats on how much changing the Washington Redskins to Washington Football Team solved racism.  Way to go!

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OMG.  The Joe Rogan thing is the best thing ever.  Did you guys see Barstool Sports’ post completely making fun of Alyssa for not being able to do basic math?  THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING.

No, Alyssa.  Joe Rogan’s podcast has infinitely more than 3x the listeners you do. He’s ranked number one in podcasts.  You’re ranked somewhere around 5000.  Now, I’m no math expert, but I’m pretty sure that means he’s got more than 3x the listeners you do. And considering he supported Bernie Sanders for his “consistency”, and considering he’s now moving to TX where he’ll have more freedom, and considering that based on that complete disconnect he’s clearly only marginally smarter than you when it comes to politics, I can’t decide how I even feel about defending how much more successful his podcast is than yours.

Not that I’m podcast shaming, mind you.  I mean, our podcast isn’t as popular as Alyssa Milano’s.  Then again, we’ve never been TV/movie stars/celebrities with built in gigantic platforms, so all things considered, I don’t feel bad about that at all.  What I AM shaming is Alyssa Milano’s entire existence in general.  Not her podcast rank.  🙂

FYI – Alyssa – women aren’t being forced into posting black and white selfies to support other women.  Some women are CHOOSING to do that for reasons I can’t figure out, but whatever.  To each her own.  And WTF is this nonsense about women not wanting men to know they support each other?  To use your phrase, in what world are we living in?

I don’t even know how to respond to that bizarre Trump tweet. In case Alyssa hadn’t noticed, Trump had better employment numbers than any president in recent history until China ruined all of that with their dumbass virus.  There is no way that a President Biden, or whoever is actually going to be in charge if Biden wins, will be able to replicate Trump’s job numbers success pre-virus.

And you might be right about your 5 year old being able to pass the cognitive test, but the real question is – COULD BIDEN?  Because THAT IS TRUMP’S POINT.

Could someone explain to Alyssa that quarantining doesn’t prevent her from shaving her legs because WTF.

Yeah, we’re feeling some global pain and loss and uncertainty, ALL of which is the fault of CHINA, not this administration, you ignorant BEAST.

People make time to call you horrible things on social media because you keep posting horrible things on social media for people to respond to, and also you’re horrible.

You know what will rig this election? MAIL IN VOTING.  Happy to provide like 12 million examples to you.  Here’s one from CBS.

Glad you feel better, but you’re still a complete idiot.  Maybe it’s due to the brown sh*t you keep spraying in your hair.  And lay off the cheezits.