Watch This Video From Scott Adams Right Now.

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Honestly, y’all, I’m not sure how long Twitter will let it stay up, so watch it while it’s there.

Isn’t it terrifying that it’s even a legitimate concern that he might be censored? Yet, this is the world we live in now.

Oh, and remember my post from earlier today that said Dr. Fauci was recommending people wear goggles or other eye protection? Welp, now we have this.

Yeah. Dr. Birx says we should all be wearing face shields now.


That’s gonna be a hard pass from me. This is just leading to us all being locked up in our homes again, or only allowed out with hazmat suits on, and I AM NOT DOWN TO CLOWN.

(UPDATE: YOU GUYS. I totally mixed this guy up with that MN doc so have updated the post to remove the title and just have his name now. Sorreeee! ) 🙂