The In-Fighting Has Begun With Portland’s “Wall Of Moms” [Opinion]

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Well, that didn’t take long.

It has been two weeks since we first saw the images of the yellow “Wall of Moms (WOM)” standing between federal officers sent to protect the federal courthouse in Portland and the Antifa riots sent to destroy our democracy. Mainstream media said, “look at these moms, look at how much they care about black lives,” but it was all a show.

The creator of “Wall of Moms (WOM),” Bev Barnum, is under fire from her followers for breaking their “social contract.” The group claims that the social contract Bev made with the black community was that WOM would “defer to black voices” and “shield black bodies.” They said that Bev broke that contract when she removed “all POC admins.”

WOM:As of today, all POC admins of WOM FB, including prominent Black activist @TeressaLRaiford, have been removed, and @DontShootPdx has been betrayed after legitimizing WOM due to the NOW BROKEN social contract.”

The thread continues saying that Bev abandoned the cause by directing “the Moms to leave the frontlines last night” so that the movement that has now become a nonprofit wouldn’t be sued. They claim this left “vulnerable the very black lives this movement was created to protect.”

Well, folks, I guess the famous “Wall of Moms” will crumble like all the of the rest of the social justice causes built just like it. They collapse because these groups are not built to protect fundamental rights like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

WOM founders saw this as a photo-op and tangible way to denounce the President and his administration. If it was really for black lives, why did it take less than two weeks for her organization to become infected with Antifa rhetoric?

They don’t really care about black lives; they just hate Trump and all of us that support him.

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