Undercover Journalist Andy Ngô Drops A Bomb On CNN, Claims Network Contributor Sent His Location To Antifa Members [Opinion]

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Andy Ngô is an independent journalist and editor for “The Post Millenial.” Mr. Ngô says that he has experienced dangerous doxxing practices by journalists while reporting on the riots happening in Portland.

In a Twitter thread, Ngô says that he has been “hesitant” to bring up what CNN journalists are doing to him, but decided to disclose what is happening because “the public should be aware of what type of journalists (sic) are going on @CNN.”

He claims that while he has been “reporting on Portland riots undercover,” a local editor and contributor to CNN, Alex Zielinski, for the Portland Mercury News, tweeted Andy Ngô’s location to ANTIFA members.

A screenshot of her alleged tweet says: “Heads up all, it looks like Andy Ngô is here, wandering around with @KOINNews reporters. I don’t think they’re aware.” To which ANTIFA sympathizers responded, “Follow him.”

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He says that Antifa previously made severe threats made against him and his family, including at his house.

Andy Ngô: “As Zielinski knows, Antifa have tried to kill me & have shown up to my family’s home. Yet, she stated exactly where I could be found to a mob of hundreds. Immediately Antifa tried to blind me with lasers. It was painful & I still have light sensitivity now. They then confronted me.”

He claims that the journalist has a “vendetta” against him ever since false claims were made about Ngô being part of a right-wing militia brawl against Antifa.

Andy Ngô: “Zielinksi has a vendetta against me. Last year she interviewed a pseudonymous Antifa informer who made the defamatory and false claim I was secretly working w/a right-wing group who brawled w/Antifa at a riot. The lie was repeated everywhere.”

In the video shared below, you can see the powerful lasers shining in his direction while he records the situation. These are the same lasers that are being used by Antifa members to blind the DHS officers protecting the courthouse in Portland.

Why would anyone purposefully send the mob to Andy Ngô’s location if it wasn’t to cause harm?

The left is not the party that protects the sanctity of life, and it shouldn’t shock us that they use tactics that harm lives. Portland has had 62 days of rioting, and the local/state government are all Democrats.

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