Google Accused Of Working To Shift 10% of Voters to Make Trump a ‘Blip in History,’ Dr. Robert Epstein Says [Opinion]

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Ahh, yes. The good ol’ Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME).

Dr. Robert Epstein discussed Google’s goal to make Trump “a blip in history.”

Let’s shed some light on the ugly truths behind having such obscene amounts of power.

How easy it is to control content, censorship, and reality as we know it is increasingly terrifying. This sort of methodology is exactly why I’m so against vote-by-mail.

Furthermore, Google and other big tech companies have such a far reach of surveillance into our every day lives. You think they wouldn’t use that to their advantage, especially for manipulating elections? Just a bunch of communist propaganda machines.

Breitbart reported:

Dr. Robert Epstein, the senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, appeared on Breitbart News Daily alongside host and Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow to discuss how Silicon Valley companies manipulate algorithm to suppress content.

Listen to the discussion here –

How often Dr. Epstein discusses how easy it is for these types of companies, Google especially, to suppress content, control what we are exposed to and have access to, and manipulating how we think about these things based on said exposure… I’m baffled. I’ve always had a hunch that the algorithm was rigged, but check this out…

Dr. Epstein replied: “I doubt that it’s a coincidence because it’s so easy for them to suppress content of any sort. I published a big article on this in 2016 called The New Censorship, I focused on nine of Google’s blacklists, this is without ever seeing one and without the company admitting they had such things. B

ut last year, Zach Vorhies left the company, quit the company and took with him 950 pages of documents and a video and two of those documents were Googles blacklists.”

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“People don’t understand how big this threat is, you mentioned that leak, that video that you exposed which was quite astonishing. One of the things that was said there by one of their top executives is ‘we’re going to use every means at our disposal, all of Google’s power to make sure Trump isn’t re-elected’ so if they’re using every single means at their disposal, then they’re using all of the techniques that I’ve discovered and probably more that I haven’t discovered yet.

That’s enough to shift roughly ten percent of the voting population of the United States with no one knowing they’re being manipulated and no paper trail for authorities to trace.”

Baffled, I tell you. BAFFLED.

I know this video is really lengthy, but it’s worth a listen, even just in increments.