Bill Barr Utterly Destroys Dems Preventing Him From Answering Questions: ‘This Is A Hearing. I Thought I Was The One Supposed To Be Heard’

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Yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing where Bill Barr “testified” was a complete joke and a total waste of time. The Democrats would not let him actually testify. He was not allowed to answer their “questions” which were really just accusations. It was pure political theater.

Barr was barred from testifying.

It was enraging to watch. How in the world can ANYONE vote for these people?

This video pretty much sums up how the entire hearing went.

After watching that, I never want to hear anyone say “I’m reclaiming my time” ever again. I think I will reflexively punch them in the face.

Here’s the Hall of Shame for the sham hearing.

  • Hank Johnson (D-GA)
  • David Cicilline (D-RI)
  • Sheila Jackson (D-TX)
  • Madeleine Dean (D-Pa)
  • Greg Stanton (D-AZ)
  • Lou Correa (D-CA)
  • Jerry Nadler (D-NY)

It was RICH when Representative Dean lectured Barr about lack of respect. She has zero self-awareness and must believe the people watching are blind and deaf and dumb.

Rep. Jim Jordan asked for time for Barr to respond without being cut off. Rep. Jerry Nadler (R-NY) told what he wanted was irrelevant.

The BEST line from Barr was went he said to Rep. Correa, “But this is a hearing. I thought I was the one supposed to be heard.”

That’s what we all thought. Clearly, we were wrong.

Nadler acted like a toddler, and didn’t even want to grant Barr a five minute break. Utterly pathetic. Like Daisy said this morning on WIBC, Barr was the only grown up in the room yesterday.

There is so much outrage at yesterday’s circus!

h/t: Twitchy