Unsupervised Teens Lose Their Marbles As They Riot At A Putt-Putt Family Park

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Ahhh, weekends.

Nothing says a nice relaxing Saturday evening of mini-golf and games like… teenagers rioting and hurling items at staff members?

Apparently the parents simply dropped off their children, they didn’t stay to supervise them, and the teens acted like entitled hooligans.

I have a hunch that this isn’t the first time these kiddos have been left unsupervised.

These are your quintessential placed-in-front-of-the-tv-so-parents-don’t-have-to-interact types of behaviors. In other words, passing the self-indulged baton.

Breitbart reported:

According to the Daily Mail, the teens went on a rampage in the game center after they were refused refunds over defective game machines.

A report by an individual who saw the chaos erupt at the Golf and Games Family Park said the problem arose when some of the game machines were not working properly and employees did not immediately refund the money to the teens.

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Yeesh, can you imagine if it was money that the teens actually earned and weren’t just handed by mommy and daddy? Of course, this is merely speculation but their behavior doesn’t lead me to believe otherwise.

Apparently the girl in the video was also seen spitting at staff members, to which she received a juvenile summons for disorderly conduct from police, according to Breitbart.

Breitbart added:

The mini-golf center posted a statement about the incident to Facebook:

Unfortunately, yesterday evening we had an incident that we have never experienced in 57 years of business. Parents chose to leave large groups of teenagers at our facility without parental supervision. Some of those people chose to create a disturbance the likes of which we have never seen. We are very thankful that none of our Golf and Games family or customers were injured in this situation.

“We are actively working with authorities to identify those involved and hold them accountable for their actions,” the statement continued. “Going forward, all minors must be accompanied by their parent or guardian while at Golf and Games. Anyone that is left unattended will be asked to leave.”

On Monday, Golf and Games Family Park posted another message with further information about the incident:

There are many areas to address starting with numbers. Adhering to covid guidelines: 100 people are allowed inside our building, 300-400 people were never inside the building at any given time. Our general manager was at the door with a counter. Golf and Games is located on a 40 acre parcel of land with outside attractions. We have run those number of people through our facility many times with school field trips (supervised by teachers), company picnics ( families) and social/church groups (supervised by adults). This case no adult supervision [sic].

“Moving forward: no unaccompanied minors will be allowed at Golf and Games,” the management said. “We understand that some minors are able to drive and meet friends for a great day of fun at Golf and Games but for now need to have a parent or guardian with you.”