Pittsburgh Steeler Stephon Tuitt Stuns Everyone, Vows Never To Kneel For Nat’l Anthem: ‘Screw Anybody Who Have A Problem With That’

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Stephon Tuitt of the Pittsburgh Steelers has boldly vowed to never kneel for the national anthem. YESSSSSSSSS!

The NFL as an organization still sucks and I still refuse to watch, but Tuitt is a stand-up guy.

Take that, Colin Kaepernick!

Wow! THIS is the type of attitude you would expect people who willingly move to this country to have about it. Instead, we have types like Ilhan Omar! Tuitt is a child of an immigrant expressing gratefulness for the country that gave him and his grandmother the opportunity to thrive and succeed through hard work and developing their God-given talents. So refreshing!

We’ll see if Tuitt’s teammates show respect for his viewpoint. It will take a bit more guts to go up against a 303 lb 27 year-old stud than ancient 41-year old Drew Brees. Hopefully Tuitt has more backbone than Drew Brees who folded like a deck of cards at the first sign of blowback when he vowed to stand for the anthem. That vow lasted about 5 seconds.

It truly takes more courage to stand for the anthem than to sit at this point in time.

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God bless you, Stephon Tuitt!