BREAKING: The University of Notre Dame Announced That It Will Not Host The 1st Presidential Debate

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Notre Dame says that it will not be hosting the first presidential debate scheduled for September due to health concerns.

In a statement, the school says that President of the university, Fr. Jenkins, consulted with the county’s health officer and the “Executive Committee of the University’s Board of Trustees” before he made the decision to pull out as host.

Fr. Jenkins claims that the small number of students on campus this fall “undermined the primary benefit of hosting – to provide our students with a meaningful opportunity to engage in the American political process.”


He is too scared of the potential political and financial fallout if the following things happen:

  1. Trump completely demolishes Biden on his campus, and the moment goes down in history as the turning point of the cancel culture war in America.
  2. Well, there really is no other option. There is no sniffing chance that Biden comes out the winner in this debate.

Fr. Jenkins ends his statement asking for the nation to stay focused during this critical election year and encouraged people to “exercise our right and privilege to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3.”

Fr Jenkins is a board member of the Commission on Presidential Debates, and he is pulling out. What kind of message do you think that sends the other two hosts?

So I assume every sporting event, lecture, tradition to be canceled this year for the same reason. Joe Biden just got another break unless some brave host picks up the torch and holds the event.

We have a virus plaguing our country, and it isn’t the one from China. I see WEAKNESS spreading like wildfire. If I were a supporter of Notre Dame, I wouldn’t be anymore.

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In the words of Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth: “Don’t be hidin’ out! Bring Joe Biden out.”

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