Opinion: WNBA Teams Disrespect America, Walked Off The Floor During The National Anthem Before Their Game

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Players from the WNBA teams, the NY Liberty and the Seattle Storm, walked off the court as the national anthem played before their game, Fox News and ESPN reports.

When this movement first came into vogue, they said it wasn’t about disrespecting the flag, anthem, or our veterans.

Then the mob destroyed statues and monuments honoring our veterans. We saw the mob light our flag on fire and dance on the ashes. Now the women from both teams left the court during the playing of the national anthem.

Can you honestly tell me this movement isn’t about disrespecting our American values and traditions?

Is it really so difficult a concept for all these entitled rich a**holes to grasp? Americans have been through a lot over the past couple of months. All we wanted to do at the end of quarantine is to grab a beer and watch the game.

This can’t happen now because the woke mob has ruined sports.

Sadly, this type of disrespect will continue to happen because hating America is fashionable. They’ve taken every form of entertainment now. TV, Movies, Art, Fashion, Music, and Sports are all controlled by the woke mob.

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