PSA From The Chicks: If You’re Gonna Insult Us, DO BETTER THAN THIS.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Those of you who are regular followers of ours probably know that we post a weekday video M-F between 7.30-8.00AM ET on our FB page, and then also crosspost those videos  on our YouTube Channel.

We use that time to talk about news o’ the day, and to connect with the community who follows our videos, sometimes responding to comments real-time, and sometimes giving shout-outs to the lovely people who send us thoughtful gifts.  We receive gifts WAY MORE THAN WE DESERVE, and we are consistently and endlessly blown away by the fact that people like us enough to wanna send us stuff.  It’s so humbling and kind and we love being able to show these thoughtful gifts to the folks watching – especially when we receive gifts that are made by conservative businesses whose names we can also share.

This is gonna be important background for later, but FIRST AND FOREMOST, one of my most favorite things to do each afternoon is take a peek at the comments left on our FB live videos – because invariably there are at least 20 messages or so from liberal trolls whose sole purpose is to come insult us.  Most of the time, it’s a handy way to cull the herd, because I can just block them and know they won’t be able to show up on future videos, and they’re not people I engage with.  But sometimes, the insults they sling our way are so patently stupid that it gives me great amusement to respond to them and see what happens.

Like I did with Rebecca earlier today.

There was so much hilarity in her attempted insult, but for brevity I chose to hone in on the whole, “You’d make terrible talk show hosts” line, because of how that’s our Actual Job Which We Are Paid Actual Money To Do.


But there was also the fact that we weren’t “hawking” anything – we were simply showing gratitude for some of the lovely gifts that people sent to us today.  And oh by the way, Rebecca, Trump hasn’t damaged the country, you miserable, ridiculous, ignorant hag.

She responded:

Telling us to “have fun” is about as productive as telling a labrador not to love you.  IT’S GONNA HAPPEN WHETHER YOU ASK FOR IT TO OR NOT.

Haven’t heard back from Rebecca since my last response to her, and quite likely if she DOES respond I’ll just block her because my amusement with this level of stupidity runs out pretty quickly.

Now, back to the whole gift thing.  I’m not bringing up this next example of how not to engage with our FB videos as a way of shaming Jim, because clearly he’s a fan or at least he’s active enough on our page that FB has given him “Top Fan” status. (Incidentally, that is something we have no control over that we know of.  Sometimes people thank us for making them Top Fans but we have never made anyone a Top Fan.  It’s just some sort of automatic thing, apparently.)

But this is worth mentioning just as a reminder about a few simple things:

  1. We are not asking anyone to watch our videos, and we are DEFINITELY not demanding it. They are free to watch, they cost only your time if you’re volunteering it, and we’re not even asking you to volunteer your time.  In other words, watching our videos is a completely voluntary act on your part.
  2. We are delighted people watch our videos, and we suspect it’s because there is something about them that they like.  That “something” may vary from person to person, and that’s completely fine.
  3. We do not take direction from anyone about how to do our videos.  It’s just us having a chat about whatever it is we wanna chat about.  Some days, I would guess that we talk about things that are of little interest to some people, and that’s completely fine.  Because, see point #1.
  4.  When we do our FB videos, we’re basically inviting you into our conversation in progress. It’s kinda like inviting you into our homes.  You wouldn’t come to our homes and then ask that we, for example, change the furniture around to your liking, right?  You’d just either come in and politely make yourself comfortable, or if you were really bothered by our decor, perhaps you’d simply opt out of coming over.  Right?  It’s kinda the same with our videos.  Which is why I take a few minutes each day to “kick people out of the house” if you will.

All that said, Jim is a Top Fan. And while he was perfectly polite in making his dissatisfaction with this morning’s video known to us, I still think it’s a lesson worth sharing, in case anyone else out there has forgotten about the basic points listed above.

Now then.  Behold:

Now granted, I turned my snark faucet on a little with that response, but that’s because I’d kinda hoped that he’d have gotten the message with my first reply and that a second one wouldn’t be necessary.

I mean, seriously?  Are we supposed to be so concerned that he had to fast forward through our video to get to whatever content WAS acceptable to him that we stop publicly thanking the lovely people who sent us gifts?  BECAUSE NOPE.  Not gonna happen.

Anyway, it’s always interesting to read the comments on our FB videos.  🙂

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