Kanye’s Twitter Meltdown, Fox Sexual Harassment Claims, Fauci’s 15 Minutes, & SO MANY GIFTS!

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Kanye is losing his mind, but I’m not surprised, because any man that comes anywhere NEAR those Kardashian harpies is bound to lose either his mind or his manhood.  For real – name one man that’s come out of that family unscathed.

I’ll wait over here.

Speaking of dudes not coming out unscathed, the guys at Fox are being hit with sexual harassment claims, and Tucker Carlson is hitting back at the New York Times for potentially publishing his home address.  Bogus.

Dr. Fauci is milking his 15 minutes of fame.  He’s fresh off the cover of InStyle magazine, so it’s time for him to throw the first pitch at the Washington Nationals’ season opener, even though a lot of kids can’t go back to school and you can’t enjoy a meal in public with your family.  Nice optics tho, doc.  Bravo.

Also, we got SO MANY GIFTS and are so incredibly grateful to y’all.  LOVE OUR PEEPS SO SO SO SO MUCH!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!