Kanye’s Rally, Cuomo’s Hypocritical Wife, And Non-Binary Talking Hollywood Houses

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Kanye had a rally this weekend, complete with a bullet-proof vest, some crying, and lots of batsh*ttery.  Just what you’d expect from the Birthday Party.  And Chris Cuomo’s wife has taught us all what it’s like to be an entitled, Hamptons brat that likes to tell everyone ELSE what rules to follow, while showing everyone that elitists don’t have to abide by such rules.

Ah yes – it’s good to be a liberal-media-person’s pampered wife!

And speaking of how wack Hollywood-ish people are, they’re now casting for non-binary houses, in case anyone out there is looking for work.

God help us all.  And happy Monday, everyone.