Kelly Preston Dead At 57. Trump’s New Attack Ad Against Biden. These Things Are Not Related.

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Holy crap. Kelly Preston is dead from breast cancer, you guys. Kelly was John Travolta’s wife of nearly three decades, and mom to three children, one of whom (Jett) died at age 16 some years ago.

I remember Kelly best from movies like Mischief and Jerry Maguire, but of course she starred in many others.

Kelly had chosen to keep her two year battle with cancer private. She died way too young.

In other news that is completely unrelated but I was too lazy to create a whole separate post about it, there’s another great campaign ad from the Trump campaign:

I still can’t believe that Joe Biden’s relatives seemingly have no interest in doing the right thing, and letting him exit this race with some semblance of dignity. It’s bordering on cruel at this point.

Hope y’all had a good weekend!