The ‘Glee Curse’ Continues. Naya Rivera Presumed Dead. Lady Antebellum Sues Lady A. Kanye’s Family Convinced He’s In A Bipolar Manic Panic. SO MUCH GOING ON.

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Holy crap there’s a lot going on this morning, y’all.

First, really sad news about a former Glee star, Naya Rivera, who is presumed dead due to drowning after her four year old son was found alone on a pontoon boat on a lake in CA. He told police that his mom jumped in to swim and never came back. Her life vest was on the boat. Naya is just 33. Hoping against hope that there’s a miracle here, but unfortunately things don’t look good.

We told you about the whole Lady Antebellum drama – when the band decided to rename themselves Lady A in order to be less racist (???) only it turned out that there already WAS a Lady A – a black singer based in Seattle who’s been using the stage name for 2 decades. At first, she was pissed off because the band didn’t even approach her, but then they DID approach her, and they even all agreed to co-exist, and were EVEN writing a song together as some weird show of unity, but then things turned sour. Lady A decided she wanted $10 million from Lady Antebellum for rights to the name. But Lady Antebellum had registered the Lady A trademark over ten years ago, so technically it appears they DO own the rights to it, and are now suing Lady A in order to get a judge to confirm their trademark registration, allow them to continue to use the name, and stop Lady A from demanding money for it. They don’t want any money from Lady A, and they’re fine with her continuing to use the name for herself, but they’re NOT fine with paying her $10 million for a name they registered a decade ago with no conflicts. If you read the sourcelink, you’ll see that this fight is likely to get pretty ugly.

The band is getting RASH OF CRAP for this on social media, because of course people who want to believe they’re racist are saying that suing a black artist for using a name they only just now want to use is just more evidence of their racism. And THIS IS WHAT THEY GET for caving to the social justice mob. You wanna prove your wokeness? You wanna be dumb enough to decide that your own innocent name of Lady Antebellum is racist? THIS IS WHAT YOU GET.

I tried to feel sorry for them last night, and it only lasted for like 10 minutes.

On to Kanye. You’ve obviously heard about his run for president on the Birthday Party ticket. According to this, TMZ is reporting, “Kanye West is reportedly in the middle of a serious episode, causing his family to be very concerned. Kanye announced he’s running for president via Twitter over the weekend, and also did a rambling interview with Forbes … which drew harsh criticism, confusion and concern. Our sources say his family and those close to him are worried, but they believe things will stabilize as they have in the past.”

So there’s that.

Lastly, you know that tell-all that Donald Trump’s niece wrote that comes out next week? In it, she claims that Donald Trump had a friend of his take his SATs for him. However, according to this, the widow of that friends says that claim is completely false. You can watch a video of her explanation at the sourcelink.