Here’s How I Responded To An Actress About Halle Berry’s Opting Out Of Playing A Trans Person.

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Hopefully, you saw Jennie’s post a few days ago about Halle Berry deciding not to play a trans man in an upcoming film.  

Halle is super woke, obvs.  In case you missed it, she was initially super excited about the opportunity to delve deep into the thought process of a woman who decides to undergo the female-to-male transformation, and she spoke about it in an interview.  Naturally, because we live in a world where everything is an outrage, the woke crowd came calling, demanding that she recognize how terrible it was for her to want to play the part of a trans man.  And so naturally, because we live in a world where weak-minded people cannot bear to offend anyone ever, Halle caved with this pathetic explanation:

Insert all the rolling eyes here.

There was a tweet about this that I retweeted, because I thought it captured the essence of the constant pretzels leftists end up having to twist themselves into when it comes to their social justice warrioring.

Trans activists, make no mistake about it, do NOT want equality or equal opportunity. They want special treatment. And I say that because the very statement, “Trans women are real women” is so baseless, biologically inaccurate, and damaging to real women. Trans activists seem hellbent on erasing what it means to be a woman entirely. Don’t believe me? Check out who gets to claim that they have vaginas now, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

From their list of insane definitions:

FRONT HOLE: We use this word to talk about internal genitals, sometimes referred to as a vagina. A front hole may self-lubricate, depending on age and hormones.

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VAGINA: We use this word to talk about the genitals of trans women who have had bottom surgery.

Yeah. If you’re an Actual Woman, who has had menstrual cycles, or who has given birth, for example, you’ve done that through your “front hole.” Trans women who’ve had their penises cut off in order to create feminine genitalia? They have vaginas. Not you. You just have a front hole. Congrats!

Anyway, I digress. So I retweeted what you see above. And who should come into my mentions? None other than actress Ryan Bathe, who I’ve mentioned in a previous post. 

Ryan, incidentally, is married to Sterling Brown, who plays Randall Pearson on the hit show This Is Us, which I am a HUUUUUGE fan of.  Fun fact.

Ryan is also leftist who, to her credit, has tried to follow various conservatives at one time or another so that she gets an understanding of how we think and react to the issues of the world. And, while she sometimes can’t help but put her disdain of conservative views on full display, most of the time she’s civil, polite, and genuinely interested in dialogue. She used to follow us, and then stopped following us, but never REALLY stopped following us, because she pops up in our mentions with some regularity.

She reacted to my retweet of that post above, and we ended up having kind of a discussion.

So if I’m understanding her correctly, she’s criticizing the Hollywood acting industry to some degree, for not properly giving trans people opportunities that non-trans people get.  This makes the issue less “simple” than it appears on the surface, apparently, because this isn’t just about who gets to play what part, but also about the systemic injustices of the film industry against trans people.

Her response was posted in a thoughtful way, and I thought it deserved a thoughtful reply.  I hadn’t planned on taking ten tweets to get the thoughtful reply out, but whaddyagonnado.

I haven’t yet received a reply from Ryan, but will update this post if/when I do.

Just a reminder of what Halle Berry said in her post – she wrote, “…the transgender community should undeniably have the right to tell their own stories.”  But when she won an Oscar in 2002 for her amazing work in Monster’s Ball, she was emotional about it because she wanted her win to be a turning point that would lead to black actors being able to play characters that weren’t specifically black.

So….why the double standard?

And are trans people willing to concede every non-trans role to non-trans people?  Because if not, why not?

Maybe it’s because they don’t want equality after all.  Just special treatment.

Halle was absolutely idiotic to cave to the rage mob about this.  And no matter what “representation” issues Ryan Bathe says that film industry has, it’s gonna be pretty tough to convince me otherwise.